Defensive Driving

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What is Defensive Driving?
A defensive driving course specifies not only your own behavior but how other road users are behaving too. Our defensive driving approaches something like these: i) There’s a vehicle approaching the junction. ii)They don’t seem to be slowing. iii) I’m going to lift off the accelerator, just in case. iv)They’re still going - I’ll use my brakes to slow down further and be ready to stop.
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Program Overview
The Defensive Driving Course also deals with cues that you’ll get from the road and its surroundings, and not just other drivers - using visual cues to identify how quickly you can safely take a corner for instance. By knowing how you are going to take corner before you enter it, you can avoid nasty surprises such as running into the back of a stopped vehicle.

The advantage of this course is that you’re also likely to find yourself sitting next to someone who’ll help you get around the bad habits that you’ve picked up since originally passing your test – many drivers will go their whole driving career from passing their test onward without once having anyone give them constructive feedback on how they’re doing. You will learn how to pick up on the signals that other road users are giving, but you’ll consider what signals your own driving can send out and how to use that to your advantage. The principles of defensive driving are avoiding dangers, avoiding running into dangers, and avoiding causing dangers.

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Teen Drivers Education
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Defensive Driving
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