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Atlantic Driving School’s 27-year successful Learn To Drive has now been updated to the digital world technology to focus on specialized driver’s education. This is how it breaks down:

10 Hours of instructions: 5 two-hour lessons – picked up either home, school, or work and returned safely.
Our lessons are Monday-Friday with 9 am first pickup time and latest pickup time being 3:30 pm.

This program starts with Basic driving, this is where they learn the skills necessary to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Following the basic portion, we do advanced driving instructions which includes accident prevention, defensive driving skills, interstate or high speed multi-lane driving and road test preparation. On the last lesson, lesson five, we do the final lesson, final road test prep and then test the student using our course and our examiners at our office. After successful completion, the student can then go to the Polk County Tax Collector’s Office, using our Fast Pass, allowing the student to go to any of the four Tax Collectors offices in Polk county without an appointment (8:30am- 4pm M-F)to pick up the new full drivers license. Again, we are the only ones offering the in-house road testing and the fast pass.

Our Learn to Drive program is $799

The program is 10 hours in total which breaks down into 5 two-hour lessons.

Please contact us at 863-298-9600 or info@adsfl.com for current scheduling information.

Yes, the road test is included at the end of the program.

We offer these classes online 24/7. To access, please look under the Courses tab or visit www.8632989600.com.

 A first road test in the state of Florida is $79

You may take a road test with an out-of-state license or license other than the FL learner’s license at the Tax Collector’s office.

We offer a 90-minute road test prep course where the learner’s license holder will practice the road test with an instructor for 90 minutes and then take the road test with an examiner. The price of the road test prep with a first road test is $279 (maybe you can link to the road test prep package).

Yes, any individual, regardless of age, must hold a learner’s license in order to take a road test. In the state of Florida, once an individual becomes 18 years of age they do not have a requirement to hold the license for one year before taking a road test.

You may contact the ASI Course IT Department at 1-800-800-7121.

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