LTD-Learn to Drive Lessons

10 Hours LTD-Learn to Drive Training, 5 Driving Lessons
+ Online Course. This is the advanced portion of our 10 hour program. There will be an assessment on the first lesson to determine if and what level a student has completed. This course is for advanced drivers only . We reserve the right to refuse to offer the six hour class if there are any skills lacking or poorly presented during the assessment. NO EXCEPTIONS. The course will also include the road test so the student must also be ready for a road test at the end of the third lesson. The cost of this course is $799 including the first Florida road test.
In this program, we do advanced driving instructions which includes accident prevention, defensive driving skills, interstate or high speed multi-lane driving and road test preparation. On the last lesson, lesson three, we do the final lesson, final road test prep and then test the student using our course and our examiners at our office. After successful completion, the student can then go to the Tax Collector's Office, using our Fast Pass, allowing the student to go to any of the four Tax Collector's offices in Polk county without an appointment (8:30am- 4pm M-F)to pick up the new full drivers license. Again, we are the only ones offering the in-house road testing and the fast pass.
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Pricing And Requirement
$799.00 and we include the first Florida road test with the price. We are booking October-November dates and the Fall promotion I just described is limited as the time slots are filling up and we have limited instructor availability. When you get the chance, please email me:
- a picture of your child's learner's license
- student contact info (phone number)
- an emergency contact info (name, relationship to student, phone number)
- availability (times and dates the student will be available for lessons)
- where the student will be picked up for lessons
- where the student will be dropped off
- subdivision name and gate code (if applicable)
- school attending (if applicable)
- any medication, health or learning issues the student has that we should know about that would affect driving ability
Let me know if I can do anything to earn your business.

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