RTP-Road Test Prep Lessons

90 Minutes RTP-Road Test Prep Lessons
Our Road Test Prep course is a 90-minute course where you will practice the road test with an instructor and then take the road test with an examiner. You will use our driver's education vehicles, equipped with dual brakes and mirrors, and practice the skills that are on the road test. When you take the road test after the 90 minutes of practice, you will take the road test on our very own state-approved road test course! This is not a driving lesson of any kind; you will not be taught how to drive. The Road Test Prep course is simply for practicing the procedures performed on the road test and then taking the road test itself.
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The Road Test Prep course with a first road test is $279, with the price of the road test included. With a second or third road test, the Road Test Prep course is $299.
Please contact us at 863-298-9600 or email us at info@adsfl.com for current scheduling information. To schedule an appointment, please call us or visit our office in Winter Haven. You must have the Florida learner's license and a credit or debit card with you in your hand in order to schedule. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We must accept payment at the time of scheduling. Once payment is completed and the appointment is scheduled there are no cancellations, refunds, or rescheduling. Please be aware that once you schedule an appointment you must make sure you are available to arrive at the time and date selected.
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