RTP-Road Test Prep Lessons

90 Minutes RTP-Road Test Prep Lessons
1 1/2 road test preparation. There is no reason to be unprepared for a Florida Driver's License Test. Even after several sessions of behind the wheel instruction, many students often add a lesson close to their test time for added confidence. At Atlantic Driving School, our instructor will review everything the student needs to know before taking their test. Some of the points the instructor will cover are. Reserve RTP road test prep lesson with Atlantic Driving School licensed driving instructor and driving school vehicle to accommodate your drive test needs.
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RTP - Pricing And Requirement
$279.00 and we include the first Florida road test with the price. Pass the Road Test when you learn with our patient, friendly, professional instructors! Get your driving license the easy way when you are doing driving training with our friendly, professional, certified instructors. For students who are interested in learning how to drive and pass the road test. ADSFL instructors are trained professionals, who are ready to help you understand the course curriculum with an emphasis on defensive driving & safety. Becoming a better driver starts from you which keeps the roads safe that leads to safer live When you get the chance, please email me:
- a picture of student learner's license
- student contact info (phone number)
- an emergency contact info (name, relationship to student, phone number)
- school attending (if applicable)
- any medication, health or learning issues the student may have.
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