Florida – DMV Road Test

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We are a 3rd party administrator of the road test. We are able to test with valid Florida learner's licenses only. We must have the hard, plastic, laser-etched, department-issued Florida learner's license. Anyone looking to take a road test must have a valid Florida learner's license regardless of age. If the license holder is under the age of 18 they must hold the license for at least one year before they are eligible to take a road test. If the license holder is 18 years of age or older there is no time requirement to hold the license before they are eligible for a road test. We can only give road tests in English. The person taking the road test must speak clear and concise English. Any issues with the previous requirements can speak with the Polk County Tax Collector's office. They are able to test on other licenses and give road tests in multiple languages.
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Pricing And Requirements
A first road test is $79. The state charges an additional $20 per additional road test. A second road test would be $99 and a third road test would be $119. We can only administer up to the 3rd road test. If the individual is looking to take a 4th or 5th road test they must be tested at the Tax Collector's office. They can take the road test up to 5 times in one year. After that they must contact the Tax Collector's office to see when they would be eligible to take another road test. We only use our driver's ed vehicles for road testing. All that is required of the individual taking the road test is that they bring the actual plastic, laser-etched, department-issued Florida learner's license and, if their restrictions state, glasses or contacts. For both road test prep and road test there are no cancellations, refunds, or rescheduling once payment is accepted. Payment must be processed in order to schedule an appointment.

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